PlaceTagger is an easy to use app that geotags pictures taken on your digital camera. PlaceTagger records location data while maximizing battery life and uses iCloud to sync to your iPad and Mac (sold separately on the Mac App Store). PlaceTagger has been featured by TUAW and Macworld.

Version 2.0 brings geotagging to the iPad. You can record location data on your iPhone or cell-enabled iPad, then use Apple's Camera Connection kit to geotag JPG files right on your iPad!

Need to tag more file formats? Check out PlaceTagger for Mac to geotag most popular image formats including your DSLR's RAW image files. PlaceTagger for Mac also allows you to adjust timestamps on your photos in case you forget to synchronize your camera and iPhone clocks.

PlaceTagger supports GPX track export files so you can geotag using your favorite software (e.g. Aperture 3 or other software that supports geotagging via GPX tracks).